Level 4: Stroke Deve - 110110

Level 4: Stroke Deve


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Level 4: Stroke Deve

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Time: 11:45 am - 12:30 pm
Days: Sat
War Memorial
Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA, 02138


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Level 4: Stroke Deve

Purpose: Develops confidence and endurance in skills previously learned with focus on technique

In addition to refining freestyle and backstroke, Level IV participants learn to:
- Dive
- Swim breaststroke
- Tread water
- Perform butterfly kick
- Perform open turns on front and back
- Demonstrate proper safety skills

Exit skills
- Perform freestyle for 100 yards
- Perform backstroke for 100 yards
- Perform breaststroke for 50 yards
- Perform butterfly kick for 25 yards
- Standing dive
- Tread water for three minutes
A full refund will be given under the following circumstances: class is cancelled due to low enrollment, a medical problem arises and a physician's letter accompanies the request, or a class is fully enrolled and there is no space for you. All other requests will result in a credit to your household. Request for a household credit must be made no later than the second class. Only two household credits will be allowed in a calendar year. (January 1- December 31)


Internal Household

Charge When Not Billed:
Swim RES Fee (Standard Fee): $80.00
Swim NR Fees (Standard Fee): $85.00
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