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Adult Deep Water Workout - 220301

Aqua Aerobics

- Whether you are new to exercise, or maximally fit, aquatic exercise is an excellent and diverse form of fitness
training. This exercise form utilizes the resistant property of water to yield a challenging workout, with minimal
impact on the joints.

- Classes are geared toward a range of ages and conditioning levels, in order to address individual fitness goals.
Aquatic exercise is safe, fun, and effective! Use of buoyant equipment increases cardio-respiratory fitness, as
well as muscular strength, toning, and flexibility.

- Classes are conducted in the diving pool, using flotation belts. Resistance bells and flotation belts are provided.
If you have not considered aqua aerobics please give us a try.

- Lifeguards are present during
the class.

Column #1 Activity # Description Dates Times Days Location Ages Fee
Unavailable 220301-01 Adult Deep Water Wor 01/06/2020 -03/18/2020* 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm M, W War Memorial 18-99 Fee Details

Aqua Zumba - 220801

Aqua Zumba is the "pool party" workout for all ages. It is a class that integrates a fun, challenging and effective water-based workout converting the Zumba landbased exercise system into traditional aqua based conditioning program. Due to the resistance and buoyancy of the water, the dance-based movements are executed in a slower than normal tempo. Still, the exercises are intense yet safe. a 45 minute class is thoroughly exhausting and exhilarating. You will kick, tap, shuffle and shimmy to Latin and world dance rhythms.

Column #1 Activity # Description Dates Times Days Location Ages Fee
Unavailable 220801-01 Aqua Zumba 01/08/2020 -03/11/2020 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm W War Memorial 18-99 Fee Details

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